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Analysis on Social Media, Slacktivism, and Politics

COM 432

PLO #2:

Reflect critically on communication products such as media productions, research and policy reports and everyday texts.

PLO #7:

Critically evaluate the use of technology in communication

In this paper, I talk about how the use of social media and their affordances affect the communication of activism through the platforms known as a term called slacktivism. I analyze the different effects social media and its affordances have over people when it comes to making decisions. 
By looking critically at research done on the 2020 election, I connected the use of social media and the effects it has on people making decisions. I also looked at social issues, such as the Black Lives Matter Movement, and how slacktivism came into play. Analyzing the difference of people fighting for a cause versus just posting about it on social media to gain attention. This assignment allowed me to understand different affordances and how technology, specifically social media, effects behavior and communication. 
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