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Digital Magazine Final Project

COM 421

PLO #1: 

Design communication and media projects to make meaningful contributions to diverse social, professional or academic communities, communicating effectively orally, in writing, and through digital media.

PLO #2: 

Reflect critically on communication products such as media productions, research and policy reports and everyday texts.

PLO #3: 

Demonstrate preparedness for academic and professional careers in communication.

PLO #6: 

Analyze the ethical dimensions of communication.

PLO #7: 

Critically evaluate the use of technology in communication.

It seems like this digital magazine assignment was made to check off almost every single PLO. I learned so much from doing this one assignment alone. Not only did I learn more about the public relations field, but it allowed me to venture out to learn more about InDesign and improve my skills in the program. It also allowed me to better comprehend each lesson because I had to write as if I was talking to someone who knew nothing about PR. In order to do this, I had to truly understand what I was talking about to explain thoroughly and efficiently.

Included but not limited in this magazine is an analysis of why PR practitioners should have a seat in the C- Suite of a company, an interview to learn about owning a PR firm, and important tactics to utilize with a co-founder of AZIONE PR in Southern California, and an evaluation of how entertainment PR has changed in terms of publicity styles due to COVID. Also included is an analysis of the importance of ethics in PR, the importance of understanding intercultural communications in a PR position, and more! 

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