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Capstone final project:

The Fashion Clean-up

COM 477

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The Process


The goal of this project was to spread awareness of the harmful effects the fashion industry has on the environment and the role it plays in global climate change. Not only was the goal to spread awareness, but to provide information to people about sustainable fashion. I believe the term "sustainable" has gotten thrown around so much that many people don't understand the true meaning of it. It's not about going out and buying something it's "sustainable." It's about living sustainably with what you have because less is more.

Through this project, I wanted to do the research for people and provide them information about all things sustainable fashion. I established myself on Instagram and provided information on what materials to look for, how to know if a brand is truly sustainable or just greenwashing, multiple sustainable and ethical brands with different price ranges, a video highlighting a local (to Los Angeles) sustainable brand, and more!

Target Audience

Millenials to young Gen Z (~13-25)

Specifically those who have a little knowledge of the topic, but aren't fully aware of the issues involved or have taken time to research themselves

IG Handle



Working on this project allowed me to explore further into the Instagram algorithm to understand the workings of it more which will be important if I decide to go into the career of social media managing. It also opened me up to a small glimpse of what branding is like. Before this project, I never thought much about what goes into branding but I did it all from the logo, finding the perfect fonts and color palette, figuring out objectives and how I want my "brands" voice to be. Also, how all of that would play into the design of my graphics and videos. 

This project truly opened my eyes to how I can pursue both my passion of sustainability and dream role as a social media strategist. 

The Components

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1LOGO 2.png


The very first part of my project I worked on, after figuring out my small brand strategy, was my logo. Going into it I had a pretty good image in my head of what I wanted it to look like. I knew I wanted to incorporate lettering because I find it fascinating. I also needed it to relate back to fashion somehow because the focus of the brand is sustainable fashion.

As I was messing around with different ways of showcasing "TFC", for The Fashion Clean-up, it hit me: HANGERS. What says clothes more than a hanger? So, I began playing around with different variations and ended up with what I have now. 

I like it because, when I look at it at least, I see two possibilities of what i can be. A hanger with a shirt on it, or a person wearing a shirt. Both relate to what the focus of my brand is and I like how it turned out, especially fo my first time making a logo on Adobe Illustrator.


Small Sustainable Business Shoutout: Kinuyo by Lauryn Kawasaki

Videography is a component of multimedia that I am most passionate about so I made this section of my project my main portion. I did an interview with a friend of mine who owns her own small, sustainable business in Santa Monica, CA. 
I asked her questions related to her business and sustainability together. Since the focus of my project is to inform my audience about sustainable fashion while also providing them resources of how and where to shop sustainably, a series like this I thought fit perfectly.
I posted this to the Instagram page through the Instagram TV.

"Wear What You Have"

This video is meant to show how less is truly more in fashion because I am showing you can have a whole week's worth of outfits in just 10 pieces of clothing. It's goal is to also show that you don't have to keep going out and buying new clothes, but that you can find everything you need already in your closet.  
It's meant to be a fun little video challenge to encourage engagement and interaction with my audience. The challenge is create 7 outfits with only 10 pieces and be creative with it. I thought it was pretty fun because it allowed me to put different pieces together that I wouldn't normally and that is the whole point of the challenge! It shows that you have more than you think, so instead of going out and buying something new, first look in your closet. It'll save the environment, and also your wallet. 

PLO #1:

Design communication and media projects to make meaningful contributions to diverse social, professional or academic communities, communicating effectively orally, in writing, and through digital media.

PLO #3:

Demonstrate preparedness for academic and professional careers in communication.

This project made me realize how I am able to communicate not just through words, but through different mediums. I was able to bring my objectives alive through video and graphics. Social media is something that is essential to any type of business, but some don't know how to best use their socials to reach their audience or communicate their goals and messages. I believe through the project I was able to show that I could be someone to help them with this.
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